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This video shows our mantels as featured on the Michael Holligan TV show "Your New House". 

This video shows the process of patching a mantel using a Siteworks patch kit.

What is cast limestone? How is delivery handled? How do I measure my fireplace? Answers to these questions and more can be found by clicking here.
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Ivory Sand is the natural color of the limestone quarried in the Austin/New Braunfels area of Texas. Pigments are added to the crushed limestone while mixing to achieve Canyon Brown and Gold Dust. Each color is available in two finishes. More >>

Some of the simplest classic mantel designs consist only of shelves and corbels. The least expensive approach would be to install wood fireplace mantel shelves, but there are several advantages to stone mantel shelves: they look much better, they are more durable and require less maintenance, and they are not flammable. More >>

Of the many types of stone mantels, including onyx, granite, and cast stone, the traditionally most popular materials are marble and limestone. More >>

Prior to the advent of gas burning fireplaces, masonry fireboxes with brick mantels (or brick faces and wooden mantels) were very common. While brick fireplace designs can look good, especially in rustic settings, they often darken a room and may look out of style compared to the brighter and more open settings commonplace today. More >>