Fireplace hearths are a fire-resistant material placed directly in front of the firebox. You may choose any combination of the corner shapes, edge profiles and elevations shown here.

Chamfered or rounded edges are used if the finished floor will butt into the side of the hearth. The plain edge is used if the hearth will be set flush with the finished floor. The bullnose edge is most commonly used with raised fireplace hearths. Standard depth is 20″. Standard thickness is 2″ (2-1/4 for bullnose).

Raised fireplace hearths can be built to any height and with any edge profile or corner shape.

Hearths Pricing
Plain or Chamfer Edge20″$220$235$250$275$295$315
Rounded or Bullnose Edge20″$230$250$270$290$310$330
Raised Hearth (Additional Cost)+ $150+ $175+ $200+ $225+ $250+ $275

Custom depth (up to 24″) or thickness (up to 4″) – Add $45.

Clipped or radiused corners on a raised hearth – Add $50.

Hearth Weights (lbs)
Plain Edge168185202219236252
Chamfer or Rounded Edge161177193209225241
Bullnose Edge189208227246265284
Raised (12″) Hearth346380415450484519
Fireplace Filler Panels

Filler Panels surround the firebox opening to bridge the area between the mantel header, legs, and firebox. Standard thickness is 2″. Filler Panel height and width are custom fit to meet your size requirements. For custom designs or more information, call us.

Filler Panel Pricing (Standard designs for up to 54″ surround)
StraightArched / Irregular
Bottom panel only$100$100
Top panel only$100$200
Side panels only$100$100
Full set$200$300

Standard panel thickness is 2 inches.
For custom widths and thickness call for quote.
Any customization of dimensions or interchanging of parts may be subject to an upcharge.
Additional saw cuts are $15 each (up to 3″ thickness).
Prices subject to change without notice.