Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-03-29T12:04:14-06:00
What is cast limestone?2018-07-27T15:01:47-06:00

Our cast limestone is made from limestone quarried near Austin, Texas that has been crushed to our specifications; mixed with additives to improve workability and strength, and then formed in custom molds. With cast limestone, we have the ability to better control material strength, color, and finish. In fact, Siteworks’ cast limestone is actually stronger than quarried limestone.

What are the advantages of using cast limestone instead of cut limestone?2018-07-27T15:02:45-06:00

There are many:
Through the use of precision moulds, casting is more exact than carving.
Cast limestone has a more uniform strength than quarried stone.
Our cast limestone has a lower absorption rate and is more stain resistant.
Colors are custom blended for better consistency.
Lead-time is significantly reduced.
Cast limestone mantels cost less than carved limestone mantels.

Are all cast stone products cast limestone?2018-07-27T15:03:21-06:00

No. Most cast stone products are concrete made with Portland cement, silica sand and aggregate filler, and are generally used in exterior architectural applications. To have the elegance of natural limestone, with the uniform strength of cast stone, make sure you specify genuine cast limestone.

Can we buy a mantel without a hearth or filler panels?2018-07-27T15:03:53-06:00

Yes, all of our components can be purchased separately.

How do I measure my fireplace?2018-07-27T15:04:13-06:00

The critical dimensions are obtained by measuring the actual firebox opening, left to right, and up and down. Also, the distance from the bottom of the opening to the floor if the firebox is raised off the floor. The distance from the top of the firebox opening to the ceiling is also needed if an overmantel is required.

How is delivery of the fireplace to my home or home site handled?2018-07-27T15:04:36-06:00

We handle crating and shipment to your home. In most areas of the county, we can arrange lift-gate service to your home. In a few areas, or if there is not sufficient access, you or your contractor will need to arrange for adequate personnel or equipment (such as a forklift) to get the crate(s) off the truck.

Is the surface of the mantels smooth or rough?2018-07-27T15:05:00-06:00

Our mantels are available in two finishes: a smooth finish and a distressed finish. Our standard smooth finish is like fine honed limestone. (Not shiny like polished granite.) To achieve this finish, we wet sand or lightly acid etch the material after removing it from the mold. Our distressed finish, achieved by sandblasting, has a rougher surface texture and presents an older or more rustic appearance.

Why do I need filler panels?2018-07-27T15:05:56-06:00

Filler panels are used to cover the area between the firebox opening & the surround when the desired mantel is larger than the firebox. Other materials such as marble or granite (obtained from other sources) can also be used.

What if I like a mantel but it but the height doesn’t work out for my existing conditions?2018-07-27T15:08:32-06:00

Just ask us. We can change a mantel’s height by interchanging legs, making cuts, or adding or subtracting plinth blocks.

Can I have my installer cut the filler panels on site?2018-07-27T15:11:56-06:00

Yes, this is done if you are using materials by others or if there are questions about dimensions. Normally, Siteworks will pre-cut all materials to the dimensions of your fireplace and no field cutting will be required.

Is this product made from lightweight concrete?2018-07-27T15:12:20-06:00

No. Our cast limestone is made using real limestone and is similar to the weight of natural stone. This should be taken into consideration when ordering and planning off loading of your mantel.

Is installing a limestone fireplace surround a “do it yourself” project?2018-07-27T15:13:34-06:00

Generally not. Excellent masonry skills and adequate lifting equipment are required. Remember that many of these mantels weigh over 1,200 pounds. Smaller mantels, such as those in our Villa collection, may be installed by homeowners with tile setting skills.

Does Siteworks sell fireboxes?2018-07-27T15:14:01-06:00


How do I find someone to install my Siteworks mantel?2018-07-27T15:14:22-06:00

Your best source is usually a local mason or masonry contractor. Many general contractors will also have the necessary ability or would be able to recommend someone who does. Designers also keep source lists and can make local recommendations. In some locations, Siteworks can provide a list of companies that have installed our products in the past.

Are Siteworks products for new construction only or can they be installed in an existing home?2018-10-15T11:35:12-06:00

Although most of our fireplace surrounds go into new homes, many people have used our limestone mantels to enhance the appearance of their existing homes  brick fireplace designs 

What determines the cost of the fireplace?2018-07-27T15:16:44-06:00

There are several items that contribute to the total cost:
Materials – cast limestone is more expensive than other cast stone.
Size – a larger fireplace is more expensive than a smaller one.
Coverage – a complete floor-to-ceiling design that includes an overmantel is more expensive than a mantel-only option.
Complexity – a more complex or ornate design is more expensive than a simpler classic design.
Customization – an installation that requires extensive custom modifications is more expensive than a standard design

Can I have an electerical outlet in my mantel shelf?2018-10-12T15:45:02-06:00

Yes, for a $50 charge we will cast an electrical outlet box into the top of the shelf with a conduit running to the back of the shelf so that electrical wire can easily be pulled from the wall to the outlet box.

What if I like a mantel but it is the wrong height?2018-07-27T15:17:41-06:00

Just ask. We can change a mantel’s height by interchanging legs, making cuts, or adding or subtracting plinth blocks.